One thought on “Experience

  1. Kevin Moore says:

    I’ll have my Bond!
    When Shylock the Usurer got ready to cut a pound of flesh nearest Antonio’s heart, he parrots time and again, “I’ll have my bond!” waving his legal contract, formally enforceable under the laws of Venice.
    One will never understand a Usurer’s mindset if you believe that Shylock loaned the money to Antonio in order to get it back. Oh, no!! Shylock was betting on NOT getting it back!!
    You see, rich, sovereign creditors who cannot pay back loans are music to bankers’ ears! What good is a sovereign creditor who CAN and will actually pay back a loan? That undermines the very essence of usury! It thwarts parasitism forcing usurer bankers to have to work to find new victims to loan all that money to…
    Jesus! Do you expect a banker to work!?!? Banker Business thrives on refinancing debt, rolling it over year after year, exponentially ballooning it through compound interest…
    When a country can’t pay its debts, then our modern Shylock Banksters demand their “pound of flesh”: full control of the country turning it into a Financial Colony of the Global Power Masters, who impose their Trilateral Commission brethren in key positions of power: Papademos, Monti, Cavallo, Geithner…
    It was never Shylock’s goal to recover his 3.000 Ducats. No, Sir! He only wanted his pound of flesh. The loan and the bond were just the mechanism to get to that flesh. Shylock’s Model was to legally indebt Antonio under the laws of Venice, so that those laws would then enforce his immoral outrage of executing the collateral: a pound of flesh.

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