Just breathe

It is interesting how often we receive in-sight when our eyes are still closed. While we are still floating in, rising from, the fog of awakening.

This morning I came ever so slowly awake in a simple picture of the nature of our existence. Indeed, just a picture of Nature itself.

The fundamental nature of Nature, this picture portrayed, is to be still, and breathe.

Consider a tree. How slowly it breathes. How still it stands.

Consider too, the grass, the plants; every living thing that has its roots in the dust of the earth.

And what of the great oceans, inspiring their own essence, and expiring it again, without ceasing; often restless at their surface, yes, but calm beneath; and standing still within their bounds.

Consider the animals. They too stand still, or, move only leisurely. Unless they are excited, or afraid.

Even the birds you see flying across the sky — like the ducks I watched earlier, wings beating rapidly as they whistled off to test the waters in a neighbour’s dam — only move according to their nature.

Some, by design, fly with slow and lazy beats. Or, at times, with no beating at all.

Others beat more rapidly, as that is their nature.

And yet, even the hummingbird beats its wings at its natural pace.

Indeed most rapidly, only in order to stand still.


Be still, and know that I AM God.

Psalm 46:10