Time is not Money.

Time is Life.

How are you spending yours?









I’m the money


One thought on “I’m the money

  1. Kevin Moore says:

    Excerpts from Freely Received, Freely Given –

    Interpretive Writings Of My UnderstandingsOf Redemption

    Money Is The Biggest Drug
    “…The love/lust of money is the root of all evil and we need to be capacitors of self control. Lets reflect on the Executive Order of April 5, 1933 and HJR-192 (Public Policy). The executive order removed all of the money, being substance, from society.
    Money was tangible and it cast a shadow being gold or silver. Now that it has been removed from society and Public Policy is now in effect with HJR-192, we cannot be obligated to pay because it would take money to pay and because we have no money, we are precluded from achieving that act. What you really have to do is a lot of pondering about is this: Since we have no money in society, what is the purpose of my life, because for all these years, all my time has been exchanged for paper, you need to realize that the value of our economic system is not gold nor silver nor paper, but the nuclear energy in our cells that allows us to produce. Kick the moneychangers out of the temples of your lobes.
    Understand this: our money is paper; there is no substance other than our willingness to help each other out. If you love money, just go open a paper factory. This process is not about money but about being able to live without the social constraints of a limited amount of negotiable paper i.e. Federal Reserve Notes. If you work for paper, you really show how worthless your existence is, find a purpose for your life, work because you like what you do, be productive to help you brother. Operate your existence; don’t execute it by following the orders of a bookkeeper. This process is not about money, it is about being able to get some semblance of control over our lives so we can act on our own accord (providing we use our conscience)……
    …..Credits and Debits are all it amounts too. They are the mirror image of each other but it becomes difficult to understand because they are usually referenced to the one speaking them. When I say “my credit,” it is actually “your debit” and when you say “my debit,” it is actually “your credit,” credits and debits to easily understand them referenced them in first person for your situation, and the mirror image to another party.
    My interest is your expense and my expense is your interest. Credits and Debits are placed on a T-Chart for every person involved in the equation. Everybody involved in a transaction has a T-Chart that must be adjusted to Zero and grounded/charged-back to remove any liability avoiding a levy to the account. Credits and debits must operate fluidly like water, there must be no restriction of the flow or the accounts will be unbalanced. Every debit must have an offsetting credit and every credit must have an offsetting debit…..”
    “….See how the only reason we have money is to make people work. Here comes the private side of things and where Grace steps into the account. If I am satisfying my obligations to abstain from being a busybody and to work with my hands, from what I read in the scriptures, do I need someone to compel me to work? NO. The reason money exists is not so everybody can have some (Douche Mark) – but to be able to get some, you have to work.

    See how money is for people who wouldn’t work on their own accord. If you can work on your own accord, money is a deterrent (look at what Nikola Tesla could have brought forward for everybody if money wasn’t a deterrent). Money actually inhibits production for those that follow their consciences. Without money it requires the discernment of your conscience and that is why it is still in use today (not very many people use their consciences so they need the complement of bills to pay)….”

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